Almost 30 schoolgirls hospitalized after playing with Ouija board

Nearly 30 schoolgirls were hospitalized after playing with an Ouija board.

Almost 30 schoolgirls hospitalized after playing with Ouija board
According to reports, the girls exhibited symptoms of fainting, anxiety, and other ailments while at school and were subsequently taken to the hospital. (Image: Unsplash)

Ouija board is a flat board with letters, numbers, and other symbols printed on it. It also has a movable indicator, usually called a planchette, which is used to spell out messages allegedly sent by spirits or other supernatural entities.

Players place their fingers on the planchette and ask questions, and the planchette moves around the board to spell out answers. Ouija boards are often used as a tool for divination or spirit communication, and have been the subject of controversy and debate for many years.

Ouija board game sends nearly 30 schoolgirls to hospital with "anxiety"

BOGOTA, Colombia (TechtUSA) - There have been many reported cases involving the use of Ouija boards that are said to have caused strange or paranormal experiences. Some people claim to have communicated with spirits or ghosts through the Ouija board. Now, it seems that playing with Ouija board can lead to "anxiety" which could result in hospitalization. 

A group of approximately 30 schoolgirls in Colombia were taken to the hospital due to experiencing anxiety attacks, which were allegedly caused by playing with Ouija boards at their school.

“There were 28 possible cases of anxiety in school students,” said Hugo Torres, head of the Galeras Educational Institution in Galeras.

“Given the reported cases, a series of comments were unleashed on the community that, rather than helping to resolve the situation, led to confusion and an adverse environment for our work,” Torres added.

schoolgirls ouija board
An image that shows one of the students who became unwell. (Photo: Jam Press)

The principal requested parents to avoid making assumptions until the outcome of the medical examination is released.

Although the diagnoses of the hospitalized students have not been disclosed yet, numerous parents are attributing the incident to the use of Ouija boards, also referred to as spirit or talking boards, which allegedly have the ability to reveal messages in an enigmatic manner.