Are you a starseed? Let's find out together

Starseed is a concent that has been going wild for quite a long time now and many people believe that they are starseed. Are you one?

Are you a starseed? Let's find out together
Starseeds feel like they do not belong anywhere

Nowadays, the concept of starseed is increasing. A growing number of people are claiming to have come from outer space, or rather reincarnated to Earth from an alien generation. Searches with the hasgtag starseed on TikTok and similar platforms are increasing and the concept is getting popular day by day. so are you a startseed too? Let's see together.

Do you think you are a starseed?

Starseeds have a strong feel of loneliness

Starseeds hold the belief that they have reawakened from another world to be born here, in contrast to "Earth souls," who are said to reincarnate on Earth. Starseeds think they can travel between galaxies through meditation and that they are conduits between the divine regions and the Earth. Starseeds also assert that they have access to "light language," which they say transcends human boundaries and is the language of the spirit. The common feature of being a starseed is the loneliness. Starseeds are believed to feel lonely no matter what they do.

Starseed do not feel they belong to anywhere and anyone, there is a strong sense of loneliness with them. They are creative and have a huge role in the world. Their being feels like a higher sense of consciousness. They do not feel belong to even their families and they start to question life from an early age.