Create Cosmic era has started: Astronauts now can build houses with tears

To build future homes on Mars, scientists have developed cosmic concrete, which is composed of potato starch, sodium, and synthetic Martian dust.

Create Cosmic era has started: Astronauts now can build houses with tears
Create Cosmic has been created

Studies on Mars continue unabated. Space, which is one of the biggest curiosity topics for scientists, continues to be clarified with studies. An important discovery has now been made about Mars, which can be considered our second home. Scientists have invented a new type of "cosmic concrete" from extraterrestrial dust that they say could be used to build habitats on the Moon and Mars.

StarCrete will be used in Mars


The material, called StarCrete, has twice the strength of ordinary concrete and eliminates the need to transport expensive construction materials to extraterrestrial locations. As a research assistant at the Future Bioproduction Research Center and principal investigator of this project, Dr. Aled Roberts said: "Since we're going to produce starch for astronauts as food, it made more sense to use this instead of human blood for the binder. Also, current building technologies, which we still need many years to develop, require a significant amount of energy and extra heavy machinery. This adds to the cost and complexity of a mission. increases."

The fact that StarCrete doesn't need any of these simplifies the task, making it cheaper and more feasible. Anyway, astronauts probably don't want to live in houses made of scab and urine.