Giant falling statue created panic! Shocking footage

The 150ft landmark came crashing to the ground in an incident captured on dash cam video. Here are all the details.

Giant falling statue created panic! Shocking footage
Giant statue has created chaos

A shocking accident occurred. We are used to seeing crazy things on the internet, but events beyond expectations still continue to happen. In this context, an incredible accident occurred in China. A driver in China escaped at the last moment from being hit by a giant horse statue that fell on the road in a storm.

Giant statue basically feel from sky

The incident, which took place in the city of Qinglay in Chichuan province, was reflected on the camera in the car of the unidentified driver. The footage has went viral online, many people sharing and commenting. In the video, it is seen that the driver escaped by crossing the opposite lane at the last moment to avoid being under the statue that fell in the storm.

The Telegraph, one of the leading newspapers in the UK, stated that the 45-meter structure is a much larger copy of the 2,000-year-old statue known as the Flying Horse of Kansu. The original bronze statue found in 1969 excavations in Wuwei city in Kansu province is on display at the Kansu State Museum.