Tarantino allegedly paid $10,000 to lick feet

Tarantino is known for his interesting movies and interesting things do not stop here with him.

Tarantino allegedly paid $10,000 to lick feet
Tarantino pays to lick feet

Tarantino is a quite character. He once said if he was not a director he would be a criminal. After this interesting claim another claim regarding the famous director has come.The former manager of a strip club in the USA made a striking claim about Quentin Tarantino, known for his foot fetish. The person using the name Lowlife claimed that the famous director paid 10 thousand dollars to lick a woman's feet.

Tarantino is claimed to pay a lot to lick a feet


Speaking on the May 25 episode of the Get in the Car podcast, the man did not say when Tarantino arrived at the Crazy Girls club in Hollywood, California. Allegedly holding a VIP room, Tarantino entered with the dancer "with the biggest boobs and butt in the club".

The woman was taking off her top as Tarantino sat down. Tarantino stood up and threw her onto the couch. He took off his boots and began licking the bottom of his feet and sucking on his toes. Claiming that the successful filmmaker licked the stripper's feet for about 30 minutes.