The evolution of human kind examined: We will have more arms in future

Human kind and evolution has been a tricky subject which creates problems and arguments but now we have a glimpse of a future.

The evolution of human kind examined: We will have more arms in future
Humans will be with more arms

The human body has evolved and adapted to different conditions throughout history. The human body is expected to continue its evolution in the future. As a result of this evolution, humans will have more arms, according to scientists.

Human kind will have more arms

human with arms
In future people can have more arms

Artificial intelligence is getting into our lives more and more everyday and this will be felt even more in the future. In future people might have extra arms which are robotic, not for a good look but rather than multi tasking. For example, according to this, in the future people may have an extra robotic arm or many other limbs.

Experts say that this technology has already begun to be implemented. Dani Clode of the Cambridge Plastics Laboratory has invented a thumb by combining 3D printing and robotics technology. The device, called the "Third Thumb", is connected to the palm and wrist and works with the other fingers in an organized way, like a natural limb. If you have a missing limb, why not enlarge the healthy part instead of trying to replace it? So you can do more with it. The missing parts of human body might be a problem of history in future.