Big blow from China to Usa: China dominates the tech industry

When it comes to tech market the competition between USA and China is pretty fierce, and it looks like China is winning.

Big blow from China to Usa: China dominates the tech industry
The competition between USA and China gets fierce

Tensions between China and the USA have been going on almost from time immemorial. The rules are now being rewritten for the two countries that are in serious competition with each other. According to reports, China has overtaken US in technology.

China rules the tech market

china vs usa
China overtakes USA in tech market

In the research of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which is affiliated to the Australian government, it was determined that China is ahead of the USA in the technology race, except for a few areas. From smarthphones to software, the competition between two countries is fierce. With the growing economy of China, the competetition in tech market also becomes a fierce one. 

There are some areas that USA beats China. It was stated that the USA is in a superior position than China in technologies such as quantum computer, vaccine and space launch systems. In the study, which was prepared based on research published in respected peer-reviewed scientific journals in the last year, the following statements were included:

Our research shows that China is building the foundations to position itself as the world's leading science and technology superpower, taking the lead with high-impact work in many of the key and emerging technology areas.