OPPO seeks trademarks for "AndesGPT" and "AndesAI", hints at new AI assistant development

OPPO has recently made a significant move in the realm of AI by applying for trademark registrations for "AndesGPT" and "AndesAI," suggesting an imminent venture into AI assistant development.

OPPO seeks trademarks for "AndesGPT" and "AndesAI", hints at new AI assistant development
OPPO seeks trademarks for AndesGPT and AndesAI, hints at new AI assistant development.

In August, Oppo unveiled its ambitious plans to launch an expansive experiential activity centered around its latest iteration of Xiaobu Assistant, powered by the impressive AndesGPT large language model. The company has taken a significant step forward by applying for trademark registrations for both "AndesGPT" and "AndesAI" with an international classification encompassing scientific instruments, communication services, and website services, marking a bold move in the world of AI. Currently, these trademarks are under application status.

OPPO seeks trademarks for "AndesGPT" and "AndesAI", hints at new AI assistant development

AndesGPT, a product of Oppo's Andes Intelligent Cloud team, is a generative large language model that has been on a developmental journey for the past two years. This journey has led to the creation of large models like OBERT, featuring 100 million, 300 million, and 1 billion parameters. Impressively, OBERT secured fifth place overall in the Chinese language understanding evaluation benchmark CLUE1.1 and clinched the top spot in the large-scale knowledge graph question-answering ranking KgCLUE1.0.

Oppo has disclosed that AndesGPT builds upon the foundation of the OBERT model training experience, incorporating essential technologies such as continuous learning from Chinese dialogue data, fine-tuned instructions, human feedback reinforcement learning, and knowledge enrichment. In a significant milestone, it achieved the number one ranking on the C-Eval evaluation list in June of this year.

With the application for AndesGPT and AndesAI trademarks, Oppo's strategic intent to make a substantial foray into the AI assistant market becomes evident. As anticipation builds, the industry will be closely watching how Oppo's new Xiaobu Assistant, fueled by the AndesGPT model, performs in the competitive landscape. If it can deliver a compelling user experience, it stands poised to become a major contender in the thriving AI assistant space.

In addition to these trademark applications, Oppo has been proactively strengthening its AI capabilities. Earlier this year, the company announced a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud, marking a collaborative effort to advance AI technologies. This strategic alliance will empower Oppo to develop more sophisticated AI-powered features for its smartphones, enhancing its competitive edge in a post-chip business era.