Genetic mutation to cure Alzheimer has been discovered

Alzheimer is one of the worst diseases in our century. Genetic mutation to cure it has been found.

Genetic mutation to cure Alzheimer has been discovered
Alzheimer cure might be found

Alzheimer's one of the most incurable and scariest diseases today. It is extremely important to take early precautions while fighting this disease. Thanks to developing technology and medicine, it may now be possible to prevent the disease. A never-before-seen genetic mutation has protected people with an inherited form of Alzheimer's from developing the disease for decades.

Alzheimer might be cured


The scientists recorded a case of a man who should have exhibited symptoms of Alzheimer's in his early 40s, but did not show any symptoms for years. The Colombian man continued to work until he retired in his early 60s, and the first signs of cognitive decline appeared only at age 67.

MRI scans revealed that his brain was beginning to damage and he was showing the classic signs of the disease. But in addition to the genetic mutation that causes Alzheimer, the Colombian case carried a rare mutation in the gene responsible for the production of a protein called "reelin." This mutation also protected him from contracting the disease for more than 20 years.

Doctors say this is the first time this mutation has been seen in the Colombian man, but this case is not the first to be protected from the disease thanks to genetic variants. More research is needed to be done, but this discovery can help scientists prevent Alzheimer.