Probiotic supplements, are they actually bad for you?

Are probiotic supplements, which we need for our guts to work properly, actually harmful?

Probiotic supplements, are they actually bad for you?

We take probiotic supplements for a while, especially after antibiotic treatments, but are these additional supplements actually harmful to our body rather than beneficial? Scientists continued their studies on the subject and sought an answer to the curious question.

Are probiotics actually bad for you?

Lorenzo Cohen, from the University of Texas, stated that long-term use of probiotic supplements can disrupt the balance of microorganisms in the intestine and cause a condition called dysbiosis. Noting that this balance is important for a healthy immune system, the academic said: "You're not only reducing the number of bad things, but also other good things that you want to be there to create high microbiome diversity."

Many people tend to take probiotics especially after they used antibiotics for a while, yet various studies show it might not be good for you. Probiotics are usually found in pickles and milk, yet some studies also show milk is not actually good for you.