How to clean your AirPods safely to maintain their quality

Cleaning your AirPods and AirPods case are easier with our user-friendly guide.

How to clean your AirPods safely to maintain their quality
The best methods to clean your AirPods are here.

AirPods, being the most widely used earbuds, especially among iPhone users, tend to get dirty over time with earwax buildup and grime accumulated from being lost and touched frequently, making them in need of cleaning to maintain hygiene.

Cleaning your dirty AirPods and their charging case is simple and can be done with a lint-free cloth, water, and a tool with a fine edge like a toothpick or pin. For tough, persistent dirt, you may need to use isopropyl alcohol.

Effective methods for cleaning your AirPods

How to clean AirPods 

To clean your AirPods and their charging case, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with water or rubbing alcohol. You can also use a toothpick or a fine-edged tool to gently remove any earwax or debris that might be stuck in the speakers or the microphones. Make sure to avoid getting any water inside the AirPods, and to let them dry completely before using them again.

cleaning AirPods
 AirPods (Photo by Adam Przeniewski on Unsplash)

To remove earwax from the speaker holes of your AirPods, you can use a fine-edged tool like a toothpick or dry cotton swab. Gently clean around the edges of the speaker, taking care not to harm yourself or damage the speaker with the tool.

How to clean AirPods Pro

The process for cleaning the silicone ear tips on the AirPods Pro is straightforward. First, take off the tips and rinse them with water, avoiding the use of soap or any other cleaning solution.

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro and retail box. (Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash) 

Then, dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth. Once dry, place the tips back onto the earbuds by aligning the connectors and pressing firmly until they click into place.

How to clean AirPods case

To clean your AirPods case, simply use a lint-free cloth moistened with water. Wipe down the surface of the case, including the lid and bottom, paying extra attention to the areas where dirt and grime may accumulate.

How to clean AirPods case
An AirPods case. (Photo by Klim Musalimov on Unsplash)

If there are any stubborn stains, you can add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the cloth. Be sure to avoid getting the cloth inside the case, as water and alcohol can damage the electronics. Wipe the case dry with a dry lint-free cloth.