Apes know better: They figured how to get high without any drug

An interesting study has shown that apes know how to get high without any drug. Here is their method.

Apes know better: They figured how to get high without any drug
Great apes found a way to get drunk

Great apes have been observed intentionally spinning just to get dizzy. Humans can use alchohol to feel that way but it looks like apes have found a better way. The research revealed some videos of apes revolving around themselves to feel dizzy. The act is similar to Sufi whirling which also can cause to mind-altering experiences.

Apes spin around themselves to get dizzy

great apes

Researchers believe this behavior may shed light on the evolutionary origins of people's altered mental states or habits such as alcohol consumption. In that sense how apes act becomes important to understand humans.  Throughout history, people have sought ways to change their state of mind. This includes ingesting psychoactive substances in plant fungi or synthesizing drugs or producing drugs. Apes on the other hand found a much more natural way to do so.

The new research, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Primates, revealed some similarities between apes and humans. It looks like the search to espace another state of mind also appears in apes. Scientists can work on what we already know and take into consideration apes' spinning to understand human mind better.