How life changed after coronavirus? Is it harder now?

Coronavirus has come into our lives 3 years ago and changed everything. What changed and how? Here is a guide.

How life changed after coronavirus? Is it harder now?
Coronavirus has changed the world

A lot has changed since coronavirus has entered our lives. From working to socializing many things have evolved in a different way. With the lockdowns and restrictions people started to work from their houses rather than going to office. Staying at our house became our new normal and we got used it. We got used to it so much that it, some people did not want to go back to normal again.

How life has changed after coronavirus?

Life has changed a lot after coronavirus

People started to socialize less and spend more time themselves, but this is not a good thing all the time. Although people became more aware their inner world this also brought some hard time spiritually. With a pandemic going on people started to realize how they are damaging the world and their surroundings. 

The future will also be shaped differently. Future structures will self-sufficient, with their own heating and drinking systems. The use of geothermal wells is growing already. They can partly supply a home with heating in addition to water.

As a backup, it will also be a good idea to have a stove, a fireplace, a solid fuel boiler, a fuel generator, and solar cells. The world will be a much more self-entered place for humans. Although we have vaccine and everything now it looks like our new normal has changed already.