New dinosaur species discovered: Biggest one so far

Scientists have discovered new New dinosaur species, largest ones so far. Here are all the details.

New dinosaur species discovered: Biggest one so far
New dinosaur discovered

As technology develops we continue to discover more and more things regarding our world and past species. Paleontologists have discovered two new dinosaur species, and fragments from one of the fossil groups belong to a dinosaur thought to be one of the largest creatures to ever exist.

New dinosaur species have been discovered

New dinosaur species discovered: Biggest one so far

Discovered in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina, this giant, long-necked herbivore dinosaur species weighed 50 tons and was 30 meters long, roughly the same size as a blue whale. The bones of this dinosaur species are so large that it caused the van carrying them to the lab to topple over. There are still things we can learn about past species that existed on earth and more is discovered everyday. Scientists named the dinosaur "Chucarosaurus Diripienda", meaning "scrambled," because its remains were rolled up in this car crash.

The researchers say that this new species may indicate that spinosaurids emerged in the Early Cretaceous period in the large landmass of the Northern Hemisphere, Lavrasia, and that these two subspecies groups invaded Western Europe.

Writing in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, the authors said: Spinosaurids appeared in Lavrasia during the Early Cretaceous, and two subfamilies seem to have occupied the western part of Europe at this time.