TikTok is banned in another region (yes again)

TikTok has broken internet ever since it was released but now it has been facing problems all over the world.

TikTok is banned in another region (yes again)
TikTok has been having problems all over the world

Tiktok, which has changed everything on the internet since its launch, has guided social media applications. The application that brought the short video format to our lives was loved so much that other applications started to offer tiktok-like features. but tiktok also faced a lot of problems. The application, which cannot be accepted especially by the USA due to privacy and security concerns, now receives a new restriction.

TikTok has been having some problems all over the world


The Biden Administration is significantly increasing pressure on ByteDance. The US government is presently "requesting" that ByteDance sell TikTok, as per another report in The Money Road Diary. TikTok confirmed to Reuters that the new demand is a significant setback for the company, which has been negotiating its future in the United States with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) for more than two years. As a result of those negotiations, a broad partnership with Oracle and other measures to safeguard the data of US users were implemented.

Apparently, CFIUS has now instructed TikTok to sell ByteDance's stake in the company. The app could face a nationwide ban if it does not.