YouTube has made a drastic change for ads in desktop

YouTube has been making some chances for their desktop version and now there are some news regarding the ads.

YouTube has made a drastic change for ads in desktop
YouTube has announced the news for adds on desktop

Ads on YouTube are can be quite annoying if you do not use YouTube Premium. The so-called "overlay ads," which as their name implies appear on top of the video on YouTube when watched through a desktop browser especially can be quite disturbing but not for long time. As explained by YouTube team, they are about to be removed. With the change the experience on the platform will be much more better and simplified.

This kind of advertisement will no longer be displayed to viewers as of April 6. And YouTube Studio will no longer offer it as a choice. Since these ads will be replaced with "other ad formats," YouTube anticipates that the effect on most creators will be minimal.

YouTube has changed ads for desktop

youtube add changed

When overlay ads were removed quite some time ago, no one objected. However, they used to show on mobile devices as well. On desktop, it's unclear what will take their position. Pre-, mid-, and post-roll advertisements are likely to take center stage.

For more information, check out the post on YouTube Help. Visit this website to learn more about the three types of advertisements that will still be accessible after April 6.