Good news for YouTube Music users

YouTube Music, one of the world's most popular music platforms, is receiving a significant feature update.

Good news for YouTube Music users

YouTube Music (YTM) is making a significant move in the podcasting world by introducing a feature that could transform the landscape of digital broadcasting. As Google Podcasts is set to be discontinued in 2024, YTM is stepping in to offer a smooth transition for both podcast creators and their audiences.

Previously, podcasters faced the limitation of needing to upload video versions of their episodes on YTM. This requirement often meant extra effort and could have deterred many creators from using the platform. However, YTM is changing this dynamic by enabling users to add podcasts through RSS feeds. This feature, which is currently being rolled out to Android and web platforms, represents a pivotal shift in how podcast content can be shared and accessed on YTM.

To access this new feature, users can simply go to the Library tab and tap on the Podcasts filter, where they will find the “Add podcast” option. From there, users can explore popular podcasts available on YouTube or add their favorite shows using an RSS feed. Once a podcast is added, it will appear in the user's library, marked with an RSS icon for easy recognition. This streamlined process not only makes it easier for users to access a wider array of podcast content but also enhances the overall user experience on YTM.

Good news for YouTube Music users

While still in the early stages of rollout, this feature is expected to become more widely available in the near future. The move from video uploads to RSS feeds is a significant development for podcasters, likely to improve content discovery and accessibility on the platform.

YTM is also developing a “simple migration tool” to assist in transferring existing Google Podcasts subscriptions to YTM. This thoughtful addition aims to ensure a seamless transition for podcast listeners who are already using Google’s platform.

In addition to podcasting, YTM is exploring various user-centric features. These include creating custom playlist art using generative AI, supporting Apple HomePod, and introducing a redesigned overflow menu. These enhancements position YTM as a comprehensive platform not only for music but also for podcast enthusiasts.

As YTM continues to evolve, more updates and features are anticipated, further establishing its presence in the digital audio market.