A way to stop aging has been found!

A way to stop aging has been found. People can reverse aging now.

A way to stop aging has been found!
Aging can be reversed recent study shows

Aging is one of the things that people want to control. As technology develops there might be a way to prevent aging and be healthy for a long time. Staying young is what people wish for centuries and it can finally be true.  Researchers, including names from Singapore-based biotech firm Gero, used artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to examine whether it is possible to reverse aging in humans.

Aging can be stopped now


The CEO of Geno, a start-up with the goal of "hacking" aging, Peter Fedichev, says in a longevity-focused newsletter, "According to our measurements, the number of people demonstrating the loss of resilience increases in the population exponentially and doubles every eight years, exactly as fast as the mortality rate doubles." "You only have a few years of life left once the resilience is lost."

The other issue is if you stop aging what will happen with the population? The world's sources are also limited and with the uncontrolled population and aging being reversed there might not be enough sources for everyone which starts another problem within itself. 

Recent studies have shown that reversal of aging in mice is likely. While it is hoped the process can be extended to humans, Dr. Fedichev noted that the situation may be different for people. But scientists say "all hope is not lost".