How to use honey for cough and sore throat?

Honey is one of the best natural remedy we can find in nature for ourselves. We can use if for cough and sore throat.

How to use honey for cough and sore throat?
Honey can be good for your health

Home remedies are usually helpful and much more healthier than pills. If you are suffering from cough or sore throat you can save yourself with homemade remedies. Honey, especially is really important for our overall being and it has been used for many centuries. You can use honey to help your sore throat and cough. 

Honey helps with sore throat and cough

honey cure

If you are someone suffering from cough and sore throat, you can use honey to better yourself. Honey has so many benefits for our well being. It has been proven that honey has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial capacity, anticancer activity, antiviral properties, antifungal properties, antidiabetic properties. It is the ultimate remedy for your all problems and the healthiest way to cure yourself. ,When compared with conventional treatments, it has almost equal or slightly superior effects for superficial partial thickness burns and acute wounds. 

If you want taste with your honey you can use peppermint tea, raspberry tea, chamomile tea, green tea and clove tea. If you have a wound you can basically apply honey on it. Honey is a natural remedy for many things and it is worth to try if you are suffering from pill's side effects.