Shocking Covid-19 vaccine side effect theory by a doctor

Covid-19 has been a problem in our lives for a long time and now a doctor has talked about some side effects.

Shocking Covid-19 vaccine side effect theory by a doctor
Covid-19 vaccine side effects revealed

Covid-19 is an ongoing problem, yet after vaccine was discovered many thing started to become normal. As people get vaccinated life started to become normal. Sie effects of the vaccine have always been talked about but now another doctor has shared his ideas. Here are all the details.

Surprising Covid-19 side effect theories


Famous US cardiologist Peter A. McCullough wrote about the side effects of Kovid-19 vaccines developed with mRNA technology. McCullough, who was previously criticized for making unfounded claims about the pandemic, said that he was frequently asked the following question in the article he shared on the Substack platform yesterday: "Why do so many people who get the Covid-19 vaccine apparently well, but some suffer from heart problems, suffer from strokes and blood clots, and eventually become disabled or die?"

In the article, it was also reminded that a large number of Moderna vaccines produced in Japan will be recalled in September 2021, since foreign substances were detected. It was suggested that the problem of foreign matter contamination emerged with this development. All these just raised the questions of why did we get vaccinated and to whom we can trust?