Generation Z lacks basic technology knowledge

Although Genetaion Z spends their life with technology, they find it hard to adjust with basic stuff.

Generation Z lacks basic technology knowledge
Generation Z finds it difficult to adjust basic technology

Although Generation Z has been intertwined with technology throughout their lives, unfortunately they seem to be deprived of basic technology knowledge. The lives of watching TikTok cause this generation to be deprived of some information from business life to daily life.

Generation Z lacks basic knowledge in work field

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Generation Z looks puzzled with basic technology

Even though they spend their life online they find it much more difficult to use a scanner, printer, or even a computer file system, according to The Guardian. These technologies were developed many years ago but it may seem like they are hard for the new generation. According to Sarah Dexter, an associate professor of education at the University of Virginia, "there is a myth that kids were born into an information era, and that this all comes naturally to them. "However, that is not practical. If they have never received instruction in scanning something, how would they know how to do it?"

The fact that the Generation Z lives with technology and they do not stop watching TikTok does not mean that they are good in every way. According to Debbie Irish, HP's director of UK and Ireland human resources, "This is a serious misunderstanding. Unfortunately, neither playing Minecraft nor viewing TikTok videos satisfies the technology requirement."