Robot columns of humans began to be produced

Sci-fi movies are starting to come true now. Column hand is made by a company. Here are all the details.

Robot columns of humans began to be produced
A robotic hand is being created

Future disaster scenarios may be closer than we think, because a company that specializes in producing human columns has now started to produce column hands. This scenario is as interesting as it is scary. Thanks to the ever-developing technology, the company, which paves the way for future scenarios, accelerates its work.

A company that produces human columns started to create human hands

Poland-based technology firm Clone has designed a robotic hand that it says replicates the human hand. The robotic limb contains bones, ligaments and muscles, just like a human hand which is quite scary when to think about. The similarities are quite much, but all of these were designed with artificial materials. Covered in carbon fiber, the hand is equipped with soft materials, including 37 muscles controlled by a hydraulic system.

This cutting-edge device has the potential to alter how we engage with machines and could have significant effects on sectors like manufacturing and healthcare.