Human poop becomes a pill: It's been approved

Recently there has been some interesting things we have been seeing online and now one more is added.

Human poop becomes a pill: It's been approved
A pill from human poop is invented

We have seen and heard some crazy things online but yet everyday continues to amaze us. Noe we will have a pill made from human poop. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of a human-made pill. Here is all we know on the subject.

Human poop pill is on the way

Human poop becomes a pill: It's been approved

It was announced from the FDA that for those who are 18 and above, it will be approved to use this pill. The pill, Vowst is used to treat clostridium difficile infection (CDI). This disease is a disease caused by the c.difficile bacterium that lives in the human intestine and persists for a long time and colonizes by causing destruction in the analytical outlet flora.

People with CDI can experience fatal diarrhea and intestinal inflammation.

Vowst, on the other hand, is a drug produced from the feces of healthy people and can provide treatment for the infection created by this bacterium. Human body is amazing in a lot of aspects. It can heal itself amazingly, but of course sometimes some help is also needed.