Is AHCC the answer to all? Chinese study to reveal AHCC and HPV relation

AHCC has been used by HPV infected people for a long time, and now Chinese study will reveal the truth.

Is AHCC the answer to all? Chinese study to reveal AHCC and HPV relation
Can AHCC clear HPV? Chinesse study to reveal

HPV (Human papilloma virus) is one of the most transmitted STDs all over the world. Although usually immune system gets rid of it, some people may see symptoms such as genital warts or in rare cases cancer. There are a lot of HPV strains in the world. According to reports almost %80 of sexuality active people get infected with the virus at some point in their lives, or even multiple times. Immune system usually gets rid of the virus in couple years without no symptom. When we talk about the immune system we need to talk about a supplement called AHCC.

Can AHCC heal HPV?

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More study needs to be done on AHCC and HPV relationship

AHCC is an extract from Japanese mushrooms which was said to be eaten by emperor back in the time. Many HPV infected people claim that their test results turned negative after using this supplement for more than 6 months. While there was no scientific proof on the subject every year more and more people turned to AHCC. This supplement does not come cheap though, therefore whether it was just a selling propoganda or the truth was unknown. 

Right now there is a Chinese study that has been conducted. In order to understand is this supplement really works scientists need to do some tests involving people. They need to give one group of people AHCC supplement while giving a placebo to others. Until now all research was done in labs. That is different to done on human. The Chinese study is expected to come to an end around 2023-2024. After this study we will have much more clear information about AHCC and HPV relation.