Binance has offered detection and prevention guide: No more fraud

Binance continues its efforts to protect users to support trust-based growth in the crypto world.

Binance has offered detection and prevention guide: No more fraud
Binance has offered security to detect fake apps

Binance, the world's leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has announced a guide that includes detection and prevention steps against fraudulent applications, one of the most common cybersecurity threats faced by users. In the statement, it was emphasized that fake applications prepared to seize the assets and information of users in the crypto money ecosystem imitate known official applications.

 Methods to Hide Fake Apps: Counterfeiting and Repackaging


 Binance's guide specifically highlights 2 ways to hide fake apps so users can install them on their devices. With the imitation method created by copying names, logos and features similar to the official source, it is aimed to trap users by giving the impression of an official application at first glance. The second method is repackaging; Significantly harder to identify at first glance, apps use the same metadata as the official version, including name and icon, by modifying and repackaging the source code.

How to Detect Fake Apps?

1. Broken icon: Fake apps will try to spoof the official app store listing as much as possible. Do not be deceived by distorted versions of the real icon.

2. Unnecessary permission agreement: Read the developer's privacy policy before downloading the app. Once installed, rogue apps often ask for unnecessary authorizations.

3. Suspicious comments: Be suspicious of any app that contains an excessive amount of negative or positive comments.

4. Grammar errors: Legit developers take the time to remove typos and errors in app descriptions. Be careful if you spot an unreasonable number of grammatical errors in the app description.

5. Low number of downloads: Very few downloads of widely used legitimate apps are unlikely. For example, the Binance app has over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

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