Bitcoin and Ethereum have reacted badly to market

Cryptocurrencies have withdrawn from the executives of both macroeconomic and sectoral developments.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have reacted badly to market
What is going on for Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin dropped around 10% last night, testing the 19770 levels. Today, we are going through days of intense data and high volatility for Bitcoin, which is priced at $ 19950 in the morning. It continues to move above the 200-day moving average of $19705. It will be important to stay above the critical level of $19705. If this level is broken and persisted, it can be expected that $ 19235 will work as the first support level with a downward movement, followed by the next support level of $ 18925. If there is an upward movement, it will be important to break the $20385 level. If it persists above this level, it may bring a rise to $21535.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been affected by the market

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Ethereum dropped around 9%, following the leading cryptocurrency. In the morning today, Ethereum, which is priced at $1415, is moving below the important 200-day moving average level of $1423. In the continuation of the downward movement, $1390 appears as the first support level. If it fails to hold this level, a pullback to $1316 and then $1236 can be seen. In an upward movement, we encounter the resistance level of $ 1423. It will be important for it to show activity above this level. If the $1423 level is broken and sustained above $1491, then $1513 levels can be met.